I counsel startup and emerging growth businesses, advising on matters ranging from formation to exit including incorporation, intellectual property, financing, employment and more.


An experienced startup lawyer to guide you through the process of establishing your business for success. I will go over your business plan and preferences when advising which legal entity you should form and where, discuss relevant tax, liability, founder and cost issues with you, handle your filing requirements and prepare all the “Day 1” documents you need to turn your idea into a reality.

IP Protection

Protect your startup’s valuable intellectual property. I can help you assess which type of protections you need for your intellectual property and help you take the right steps, whether it is preparing NDAs, technology transfer agreements, software licenses, terms of use, customer and contractor agreements or other contracts, or registering and enforcing your copyrights or trademarks.

Financing & Investors

Gearing up to raise capital? I have helped numerous clients from the Self-funding/Bootstrapping and Friends and Family stages, to raising outside financing in Seed/Angel rounds and later from Growth/Early Stage venture capital investors. I can assist you every step of the way, from consulting you through the fundraising process, to drafting term sheets, stock purchase agreements, SAFEs, convertible notes and all other necessary documents, preparing your cap table, and negotiating the deals for you.

Ongoing Legal Advice

I am happy to stay on as your outside general counsel when you need me, advising you as your business matures and issues arise.