We have broad expertise in energy, particularly commercial energy matters, energy marketing and trading, federal and state regulatory issues, renewable energy, and risk issues facing today’s industry.

With decades of in-house energy experience at both publicly-traded Fortune 500 international electric utilities and independent power producers, we understand diverse markets, regulatory and other pressures, and how to work directly with front and back office teams, operations personnel and senior management across diverse companies.

We provide commercial and regulatory support for all energy marketing and trading operations, supply-chain/ procurement and intellectual property matters, as well as M&A and other strategic transactions.

Energy Law
  • Wholesale gas contracts (NAESB, ISDA with gas annexes, transportation agreements, precedent agreements, capacity deals)
  • Wholesale power contracts (ISDA with power annexes, WECC, EEI)
  • Power purchase agreements (PPAs)
  • Energy management agreements (EMAs)
  • Asset management arrangements
  • “Load following” deals (default supply)
  • Structured transactions (e.g., tolls, heat rate call options (HRCOs)
  • Broker agreements
  • Retail electric and gas sales
  • State regulation and compliance for retail electric and gas businesses
  • RTO/ISO documentation
  • Commodity trading compliance
  • Exchange issues (ICE, Nodal, etc.)
  • Sales and purchases of renewable energy products, including: • Renewable energy certificates (RECs) • Emission allowances • Carbon credits • Nutrient credits • RINs
  • Supply-chain/ procurement, including: • Large projects (pipeline laterals, plant co-fire projects, large equipment purchases and installations) • Fuel procurement (coal, oil, limestone, nuclear) Fuel transportation (barge, rail, truck)